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how youtube works

How does YouTube work?

Since it first launched in 2005, YouTube has quickly become the number one destination for video content online, attracting over one billion regular users. The Google-owned site gained popularity by enabling people to share...

what is duckduckgo

What is DuckDuckGo and how does it work ?

Increased state surveillance, countless security breaches and widespread concern about data sharing have spooked many of us into wanting to protect our privacy more than ever.  Despite bubbling almost under the radar for nine...

what is ai

What Is AI (Artificial intelligence) ?

We take a look at what artificial intelligence is and how it’s being used Artificial intelligence is already everywhere. The technology is widely used in ways that are quite obvious, such as self-driving cars,...

multimedia types and tools

Multimedia Types And Tools

Multimedia is simply multiple forms of media integrated together. An example of multimedia is a web page with an animation. Besides multiple types of media being integrated with one another, multimedia can also stand...