Must-Have New Year’s Resolutions For Programmers

The new year is about to arrive, this is a time we all set some resolutions for the new year. We can also say that these were the goals that we want to fulfil in this new year. Some of us Set our resolutions that we were never gonna fulfil because we’ll not try to achieve them.

Angry Chicken GIF By Happydog
Angry Chicken GIF By Happydog

Every human being set new goals every new year. Here are some examples that we all think we’ll achieve but we give up very easily.

  • Start Eating Healthier Food
  • Get in Shape
  • Become more Active
  • Meet New People
  • Fell in Love
  • Earn More Money

These are some universal resolutions that we all think about sometime in our life. But we all know that very few people can achieve them.

Okay, enough about resolutions that we ignore after the first month of the New Year. Let’s talk about Must-Have New Year’s Resolutions For Programmers, We programmers know that we have to face so many things when we are coding. And sometimes we forget about improving ourself.

New Year’s Resolutions For Programmers

So here are some Goals or Resolutions you can set for this new year so you can improve yourself and your coding career too. Enough of chit chat let’s dive right on to the list.

Build more side projects

Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels
Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

To improve our skills and keep learning new things we have to keep practising. And the best way to practice is by building new side projects to test new things. By this, you can have more projects to showcase on your portfolio. Which can help you get more clients.

Share Your Knowledge

There are so many benefits of sharing your knowledge, Sharing your knowledge can help you in many ways. You can use them for yourself. Here’s a list of benefits you’ll get just by sharing your knowledge with others.

  • It helps you stay motivated
  • It helps you to get new ideas
  • It helps you grow
  • Recognition
  • Limiting the skill gap
  • and many more.

Stay healthy

Cat Sport GIF By MochiDad
Cat Sports GIF By MochiDad

Yeah, I know that we all know about this one, but how many of us really do this for more than first one week. I myself can’t keep up with this resolution, that’s why I’ve got so much belly fat ( And it looks very weird ). But trust me that fat is just causing me problems. So staying healthy is my only option from now on.

Improve Your Skills

I talked about this in the first resolution, but I’ll Talk about it again because WHY NOT!!!!. Improving our skills is very important for us as a programmer, designer or anything related to it. Improved skills can help us in the upcoming future so that we can stay prepared for that. As we all know that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is taking our many jobs. So to stay safe we have to keep improving.

Learn a new language/framework

Mayim Bialik Fox GIF By MasterChef Junior
Mayim Bialik Fox GIF By MasterChef Junior

In the world of programmers whatever we know currently is never enough, so we have to keep learning new programming languages or frameworks. It can be related to anything even if we know about them or not. We have to start, so we have the choice to choose from. #KeepExperimenting

Use better coding practices

Using better coding practices can help you in many ways, it will help you to create quality software and also improve your overall way of coding or as we can say programming. Make sure to add this one in your New Year’s resolution.

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