How Computers Generate Random Numbers

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Luck is not as random as you think!

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The Problem

Computers are specially and carefully programmed to eliminate randomness in results. They follow instructions blindly & are therefore completely predictable.

So, can computers generate truly random numbers?


There are two categories of random numbers:

  • Pseudo-Random Number (PRN)
  • True Random Number (TRN)

They have quite different characteristics.


Pseudo-Random Numbers are generated by using an algorithm so the results appear random, even though they aren’t.

For most applications, a Pseudo-Random Number is sufficient.


True Random numbers are generated by observing some outside data, like mouse movements of the fan noise, which is not predictable. The results might be slightly biased but they are not generated by a deterministic algorithm.


DeterminismDeterministicNon- Deterministic


Since much cryptography depends on a secure random number generator for the key, if a generator can be made predictable, it can be used as a backdoor by an attacker to break the encryption.

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