Things Programmers Shouldn’t Believe

Hey There, It’s Sachin Sharma. In This Article We’ll Talk About Some Things Programmers Shouldn’t Believe.

Programming Is Easy

Programming can be easy and it can really be very difficult. It really depends on the individual. Generally, It takes years to become a skilled developer in programming!

Programming Is Easy

You Should Learn All Languages

The idea is to only focus on languages that are relevant to your domain. Why waste time learning a language that has no relevance to your work?

There Is A Super Language

Some Programming languages might be more efficient in certain areas, but simply, there is no super programming language in the world!

The Sign Of Good Programmer Is Speed

Speed of producing code may be helpful in some situations & deadlines but often it’s not one of the main traits that good programmer should have!

Using Frameworks Is A Great Idea

Yes, frameworks can help you in many scenarios. However, It’s not a general rule and sometimes using them will cause serious problems!

Simplification Is Overrated

Experienced developers will tell you the real test of programming is simplifying a complex problem; this allows them to come up with cleaner codes and better results!

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