Some Important Lessons About Programming

Being a programmer is fun and amazing in some cases, but most of the times it is a hard thing. There are so many lessons about programming to know, but I’m going to show you Some Important Lessons About Programming.

No One Knows Everything

No programmer knows everything and actually, you don’t need to know everything. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

Bugs Are Essential

If there were no bugs, how would you learn and improve your skills?! When you are solving bugs you are becoming a strong programmer.

Googling Is A Vital Skill

Everything you need to know is on the internet. Learn how to search for information and you will find anything you want within seconds.

Think Before You Code

Save yourself the time of refactoring and bug fixing by thinking about your code. Use that amazing organ (Brain) more than your hands.

Self-Study Is Crucial

Having the discipline to search and gather the necessary knowledge to accomplish a task will put you far ahead of many others that rely on formal education.

Adapt To Changes

Change in our field is constant. Don’t be a “Python Programmer”, be a programmer who knows Python. Invest in your skills and yourself, not technology.

What Do You Think About These Lessons? Share This With Your Programmer Friends. And Also Share Your Thoughts in The Comments Below.

Sachin Sharma

I am a programmer and Tech Enthusiast who loves to use my creative skills to solve complex problems.

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