Reasons Why You Should Use Linux

High Security

Installing and using Linux on your system is the easiest way to avoid viruses and malware. The security aspect was kept in mind when developing Linux and it is much less vulnerable to viruses compared to Windows.

High Stability

The Linux system is very stable and is not prone to crashes. It runs as fast as it did when installed, even after years.


Users have tremendous flexibility is customizing the system as per their requirements. There are numerous choices of wallpapers, desktop icons and panels. There are more than half-a-dozen desktop environments to choose from, like GNOME, KDE, etc.


Linux is completely free and users do not need to pay for anything. all the basic software required by typical user and even an advanced user are available.

Open Source

One of the most impotent aspects of Linux is that its source code is available. The developer community benefits from this as its members have the freedom to view and modify the source code, which is not the case with proprietary software.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintaining a Linux OS is easy, as the user can centrally update the OS and all software installed very easily. All the variants of Linux have their own central software repository, which is used to update the system and keep it safe.


There is strong community support for Linux over the internet through various forums. Any question will usually get a quick response as a lot of volunteers are online and working to solve the problems due to their passion for Linux.

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