Mistakes You Make As A Beginner Programmer

In this article we are gonna talk about Some Mistakes You Make As A Beginner Programmer. So Let’s Jump Right On The Main Content…

Writing Code Without Planning

High-quality written content, in general, cannot be created easily. It requires careful thinking and research. High-quality programs are no exception.

Planning To Much Before Writing Code

Planning before jumping into writing code is a good thing, but even good things can hurt you when you do too much of them. Too much water might poison you.

Not Picking The Right Tool For The Job

Some tools are great and some are bad but most tools are great for one particular thing and not so great for many others.

Reinventing The Wheel

In Programming, Some Wheels are simply worth reinventing. However, unless you actually need a wheel that is not used in its typical design, do not reinvent it.

Not Questioning Existing Code

Most likely you will encounter some kind of stupid code in your life. Beginners will not recognize it and they usually assume that it is good code since it seems to be working and has been part of the code-base for a long time.

Obsessing About Best Practices

The term “best practices” is somehow harmful. It implies that no further research is needed. There are no best practices. There are probably good practices today and for this programming language.

Obsessing About Performance

If you are optimizing before executing the code, chances are you are doing it prematurely. There is also a big chance that the optimization you are investing your time in is completely unnecessary.

Not Targeting The End-user Experience

Be one of the professional programmers who put themselves in there end-users’ shoes. They imagine what the users of this particular feature need and how they might behave.

Writing Comments About Obvious Things

Just using better names for functions and arguments simply makes most comments unnecessary. Keep that in mind before writing any comment.

Not Writing Test

You are a human being. You are going to forget to test all previously successful validations after each code change. Make the computer do that for you.

Not Using The Right Data Structure

Using the wrong data structure is a big and strongly-lit billboard sign that screams newbie code here. Memorizing the strengths and weaknesses of the various data structures will help a lot.

Not Taking Breaks

You are a human and your brain needs breaks. Your body needs breaks. You will often be in the zone and forget to take breaks. This is not something you can compromise. Integrate something to force you to take breaks.

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