6 Things You Should Never Say To A Programmer

Programmers are powerful with their ability to create software. Make sure you say the right things at the right times to them. Here Are 6 Things You Should Never Say To A Programmer.

My Laptop isn’t working! Can you fix it?

Programming, or coding as it’s sometimes called, is the process of creating software. Software is really a set of instructions that a computer needs to follow. Computer programming is a little like writing a recipe for your computer. The software comes in many forms, from games to apps on your phone, but all software is made up of lines of code. The hardware of the machine, including the CPU, keyboard and mouse, are totally different. Although some programmers may well have picked up knowledge about the tangible components of a PC, it’s unrealistic to expect all programmers to know computer hardware and to be able to repair machines.

Can women code?

You wouldn’t say that, right? Course not. Techworm notes that the first computer programmer in the world is thought to be Ada Lovelace – she published an algorithm to be processed on the first modern computer.

Can You Teach Me Programming?

Many people are keen to enter the exciting world of programming because salaries are high and jobs are in demand. However, it’s not a skill you can pick up overnight. It’s therefore unrealistic to expect a programmer to get you up to speed.

Can You Explain Your Code?

If you’re not a programmer, then ‘no’, that’s not possible. If you’re not aware of the concepts of programming, then you just won’t get it. However, if you’re interested in learning a little bit about programming in order to see if it’s the right field for you.

Why isn’t the Internet working?

Similarly to point #3 above, just because someone can make beautiful websites or awesome software, it doesn’t mean that he or she can get the router working again. Tech is a massive field; there are many specialities in it. Think of medicine. You wouldn’t ask your dermatologist for something to help you with anxiety.

Don’t you get bored sitting in front of a computer all day?

Tech work can be incredibly varied. The 50 Best Jobs in America report, published by Glassdoor, found that 40% of these ‘best jobs’ are in tech. The report looked at factors such as salary, job demand and job satisfaction. Of those jobs in tech, many of them involve training, marketing, dealing with people or organisational skills.

What You Don’t Like To Hear As A Programmer?

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