5 Most Popular HTML Preprocessors You Can Use

HTML preprocessor is a program that lets you generate HTML from the preprocessor’s own unique syntax. Preprocessors will add some features that don’t exist in pure HTML.

Here is a list of 5 Most Popular HTML Preprocessors.


The general rendering process of Pug is simple. pug.compile() will compile the Pug source code into a JavaScript function that takes a data object (called “locals”) as an argument. Call that resultant function with your data, and voilà!, it will return a string of HTML rendered with your data.


Haml (HTML abstraction markup language) is based on one primary principle: markup should be beautiful. It’s not just beauty for beauty’s sake either; Haml accelerates and simplifies template creation down to veritable haiku.


Slim is a template language whose goal is to reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic.

The initial design of Slim is what you see on the home page. It started as an exercise to see how much could be removed from a standard HTML template (<, >, closing tags, etc…). As more people took an interest in Slim, the functionality grew and so did the flexibility of the syntax.


Handlebars provide the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration.

Handlebars are largely compatible with Mustache templates. In most cases, it is possible to swap out Mustache with Handlebars and continue using your current templates. 


Another {{ token-based system }} with all of the logic, looping and variable control that other engines provide. But in addition it supports some more advanced page composition elements e.g. block inheritance, includes, layout inheritance, custom tags and macros — all absolutely perfect for a CMS where pages are typically composed of a series of “building blocks”.

Which One Have You Used? What’s Your Favorite?

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